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The Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Mathematical Sciences, invites applications for tenure track positions at the rank of Associate Professor. Candidates should possess a Ph. D in mathematics, and demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in both research and teaching, and leadership in their fields.

Salaries are competitive by international standard, and are based on credentials. Additional benefits, such as housing subsistence and startup funding, are also available.

Applications are considered on a continuing basis but candidates are urged to submit their applications by November 30 each year.

Candidates should submit the applications on mathjobs website.

Application materials should include the following:

• a letter of application

• three letters of references

• curriculum vitae

• publication list

• statement of current and future research plans

• evidence of excellence in teaching.

bet体育上海交通大学长聘教轨教师的职称为“长聘教轨副教授”,应聘者应持有数学博士学位,学术背景良好,在教学和科研方面表现活跃,已有建树或极有潜力。长聘教轨岗位的薪酬水平将参考国际标准, 在全国高校中处于领先水平,具体视申请人资历而定,另将提供住房补贴、启动基金等额外福利。应聘者需登录提交申请信、简历、三封以上推荐信, 并提供教学资历和能力相关说明材料以及关于目前和未来研究的计划。长聘教轨的入职时间在每年9月,所有时间的申请都会得到考虑,但希望应聘者尽可能在每年11月30日前提交申请。

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