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Algebra studies relations, operations and structures with one or more operations. Algebra is generally regarded as the most beautiful, most abstract branch of all mathematics. Among various interesting algebraic subjects and related mathematical fields, the algebra research group at our department focuses on representation theory of algebras, Lie algebras, combinatorial commutative algebras, quantum groups, abelian categories, triangulated categories, relative homological algebras and ordered algebraic systems. As a Zhi Yuan Visiting Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Claus Michael Ringel is a member of the research group.

Faculty members
  • Yun Gao
  • James Fullwood
  • Jiarui Fei
  • Mounir Hajli
  • Cuipo Jiang
  • Qifen Jiang
  • Jiajun Ma
  • Zhihao Ma
  • Fan Qin
  • Victor Mouquin
  • Mei Si
  • Tongsuo Wu
  • Guanglian Zhang
  • Pu Zhang
  • Yuehui Zhang

Representation Theory of Algebras

Combinatorial Commutative Algebra

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